• The Ceremonial Rug/Under Cover

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    Mary Henderson Begay and Edison Eskeets with the Under Cover

    Running 330 miles in 15 days – this is what Edison Eskeets, Hubbell trader, will do. Just days away, Edison will begin a journey, a dance, a message. The message is one of honoring the Navajo people who endured the Long Walk 150 years ago.

    Edison will not undertake this run without spiritual guidance and support. As a traditional Navajo man, Edison will begin the run with a ceremony. An important element of this ceremony embraces weaving and Spider Woman, the Spirit Being who taught weaving to the Navajo people.

    This rug was woven by master weaver Mary Henderson Begay specifically for Edison’s run. Full of meaning, the rug will be symbolically traded by Mary to Edison. Edison will use the rug as his “Under Cover,” performing his ceremony on top of the rug, and he will present the rug back to Mary as a gift when he concludes his ceremony. Imbued with intense spiritual power from Edison’s ceremony, the rug can then provide added power to future ceremonies. As such, it will be treasured within the family and never sold.

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