The Ultrarun Support Team

Beginning on May 18th, Edison Eskeets, Hubbell trader, will run from Canyon de Chelly, AZ to Santa Fe, NM. When he arrives on June 1st, he will have run over 330 miles, an average of over 22 miles every day. No small feat, Edison’s run requires months of training and preparation.

An important part of the preparation is the forming of Edison’s support team. For the entire distance, a support vehicle with driver, coach, and assistant will be there to support Edison, monitor his well-being, and cheer him on. Each member of the support team is experienced and knows exactly what to do.

The driver will be responsible for  not just following Edison but scouting ahead for any issues with the roads Edison is running on. His coach will keep an eye on Edison for signs of injury and illness, and most importantly, she will keep him motivated. The assistant will help set up “camp” each time Edison stops to rest, as well as any other tasks she can help with.

The support vehicle will be well-stocked with all the supplies Edison and his team will need. Radios and cell phones for communication, canopy and chairs for rest stops, food, water and other drinks, and medical supplies will complete the outfit.